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Gujarat offers all that a national or international tourist looks for – a wide range of diverse destinations and attractions. In addition, strong logistic connectivity, excellent communication facilities, adequate health infrastructure, round the clock power supply even in the remotest area, safety and security and above all the hospitable nature of the people make Gujarat a prime destination in India.

The varied landscape of Gujarat is a complete package in itself. Here, the White Desert of Kutch coexists with a long and beautiful coastline. The archaeological monuments from different eras go as far back as Harappan time in Dhola Veera and Lothal. Gujarat has ancient caves, stupas, monasteries, temples and monuments that exhibit the Indo-Sarcenic architectural style which blends elements of Islamic and Hindu architecture. The capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is India’s first UNESCO accredited World Heritage City. Gujarat is also a delightful destination for the eco traveller. It is the abode of endangered wild life like the Asiatic Lion and Indian Wild Ass, not seen anywhere else in India.

The state’s living legacy is its rich heritage of handicraft skills that have thrived side by side with industrialisation. Embroidery, tie and dye, block printing, appliqué, beadwork, metalwork and many other tribal handicrafts are famous for their intricate design, colours and fine craftsmanship. Visit Gujarat during its myriad fairs and festivals and watch people in bright attires, artistic jewellery dancing the night away to the beats of traditional music. The Makar Sankranti Kite Festival in January is a global event where the tourists joyfully participate with the locals. Gujarati cuisine, largely vegetarian, needs a special mention as it has long been acclaimed all over the world.

People who come to Gujarat get bonded with its charisma because, life itself is a celebration here. Welcome to Gujarat, the land of heritage, wildlife, fun, frolic and food.

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Best of Gujarat Tour

10 Nights / 11 Days
Gujarat is an excellent destination for everyone who is passionate about forts, grand palaces, ancient temples, national parks, heritage buildings, and other impressive sights....

Gujarat Wildlife + Beach + Bollywood Tour

10 Nights / 11 Days
The West Coast State of Gujarat is not on popular tourist itineraries of foreign and Indian tourists. Although it is easy to travel to Gujarat during your trips to Mumbai or Rajasthan....

Gujarat Divine Trail + Taj Mahal Tour

07 Nights / 08 Days
Gujarat is a state in India that boasts of the country’s longest coastline, and is flanked by the Arabian Sea. But that’s not all the state has to offer. Gujarat is known for its history....

Gujarat Pilgrim + Bollywood Tour

09 Nights / 10 Days
Gujarat is one of the most diverse States in India. Its history stretches over a long years from the age old Harappan Civilization to the Mughal period....

Gujarat Classical & Heritage Tour

14 Nights / 15 Days
Gujarat, located in the westernmost part of India, is blessed with distinct terrains and various sacred sites. In terms of area, Gujarat is the fifth largest state in India....

Gujarat Tribal Tour

16 Nights / 17 Days
Located in the westernmost part of India, Gujarat is home to several architectural marvels and is famous for its vibrant culture and rich heritage....
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