Islands in India - Indian Islands

Are you planning to visit the best destinations in India?

Well, you should include islands of this country in your list along with other exciting places. Islands in India are scintillating with the sound of water crashing against rocks amidst the sublime climate. Living on a piece of land, bounded by water, is inherently blissful in its own way. Explore on your own, these veritable heavens on earth.

They serve as great opportunities to indulge in unforgettable experiences. You can visit the Islands in India for enjoying water sports, beach parties and scuba diving as well. If you are in search of adventure and excitement, these islands are the right place for you.

16 Beautiful Islands In India

Here’s a list of some of the extremely beautiful islands of India, far away from the tourist crowd. Take a look!

  • Majuli Island – Experience The Biggest River Islands
  • Diu Island – Witness The Magic Of Serenity
  • Divar Island – Island Of Untouched Lively Culture
  • St Mary’s Islands – Eye-witness The Cluster Of 4 Islands
  • Little Andaman Island – The Most Stunning Islands In India
  • Lakshadweep Islands – Relieve Your Stress
  • Barren Island – Get Ready To Amaze 
  • Grand Island – Adore Water Sports To The Fullest
  • Great Nicobar Island – Encounter The Largest Island In India
  • Havelock Island – Seizure The Picturesque Landscape
  • Agatti Island – Sense The Amazing Islands 
  • Neil Island – Feel The Exotic Beauty
  • Kadmat Island – Capture The Exquisiteness
  • Pamban Island – Rejuvenate Your Mind
  • Munroe Island, Kerala – Enthral Your Senses
  • Netrani Island, Karnataka – Get Mesmerize With The Beauty
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Visit to an island means different things to different people. While for some, it is just lazing around reading an interesting book, but others it can be beach parties and water adventures. For even other people, an island visit would mean just admiring the tranquility and the stunning scenery.